KWC DEKO has roots deep in heart of Finland, with production plant located in city of Pieksämäki.

We are specialists in manufacturing bedpan washer-disinfectors, instrument washer-disinfectors and drying cabinets to the highest standards in line with the EU MDD / MDR requirements.

Over 45 years’, more than 40 000 DEKOs has been delivered to more than 40 countries.

The experience in producing decontamination solutions of outstanding quality for various healthcare and laboratory applications has made KWC DEKO a trusted partner.

This position is not only giving us opportunities but obligates us to act as a comprehensive and internationally recognized customer-oriented partner who manufactures washer-disinfectors for washing and disinfecting reusable devices within healthcare sector.


Our Vision – ”Preventing infections”



A vision gives direction, orientation, inspiration, and shapes the future.


It describes a place where we want to be, and what will be the driving force and steering us in the right direction. The vision vividly highlights what we are about, what we want, and what we will do. Our aspiration to always be one step ahead is both challenging and reflects the visionary attitude of the new KWC.


"Keeping one step ahead, with our solutions for water & air, to enrich everyone’s quality of life, in every place, every day."


Our mission


The mission outlines our shared approach to achieving our vision. It illustrates our drive and our will to actively change, motivate, and shape.Our mission is to implement our vision. With the bundled expertise of the new KWC, we are developing our next milestones to achieve our objectives and create a new level of customer engagement.


Keeping one step ahead. We ambitiously develop our products and solutions according to customer needs, state-of-the-art technologies, and production processes for optimized hygienic measures, sustainability, and reliability. We aspire to be better, to be more, and to stay ahead of the times – for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers.


Solutions for water and air. We are connected to the elements of water and air. We strive to develop solutions that meet customer needs. Whether using water or air, in private, public, or semi-public spaces. This mission extends far beyond our products. 


Enriching the quality of life. For each and every person, in every place and every day. We want to make peoples’ lives better, easier, and more comfortable. We want to make a positive contribution through our products and solutions. A contribution that sustainably improves quality of life. No matter where, for whom, or when. 

That is what we aspire to do.


Our brand values


We are unified by our shared brand focus. It serves as the foundation of our approach and the cornerstone of our actions. We align ourselves and our company with it.



As a producer and designer, we aim to provide people with optimized hygiene measures in order to make the world a better place. This is based on unconditional customer focus. These values are backed up by detailed product functions and standards for the production process worldwide.



We strive to meet our customers’ expectations with reliability and dedication. From the tradition of true quality manufacturers, we incorporate these facets in our DNA into the new KWC and operate with the utmost responsibility as an international producer.



Our mission is to continuously exceed the expectations of our customers and partners with our high-quality, customized products and services. Every shape, every function or individual customization is aimed to achieve lasting customer satisfaction.



As a producer, we are committed to sustainability.  We work with the vital element of water. We meet all the essential requirements of the industry and far beyond. Customer focus is as important to us as sophisticated, smart production and the preservation of our planet.


Quality of life

Our focus forms the bedrock for enriching the quality of life of our customers.

That is why it is the standard for everything we do.

Ward Washer-Disinfectors

Instrument Washer-Disinfectors

Drying Cabinets

Multifunctional solutions

What all types of medical facilities have in common is hygiene. KWC DEKO offers the right solutions.


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