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KWC Group, Unterkulm (CH)

The headquarters of KWC Group AG are located in the middle of Switzerland. This is also where we have been producing, for 150 years – to this day: high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings for private households.


KWC Aquarotter, Ludwigsfelde (D)

KWC Aquarotter GmbH is our competence centre for faucet technology and water management systems for use in the public and commercial sector, with its own development and production of faucets, accessories and innovative electronic solutions.


KWC DVS, Paignton (UK)

KWC DVS Ltd. has been an innovative specialist in the development of water-saving technologies for public and semi-public sanitary rooms for over 35 years.


KWC Middle East, Ras-Al-Kaimah (UAE)

The production at KWC ME L.L.C. specialises in accessories and fixtures made of stainless steel, also with nano-coating – especially for the (semi-)public and commercial sector.


KWC Nordics, Naarajärvi (FI)

The KWC DEKO brand manufactures special equipment for the efficient cleaning and disinfection of equipment and installations in clinics and hospitals.


Nokite, Guangdong (CN)

Our Chinese site represents another centre of excellence for the manufacturing of high-quality stainless steel products.


Sales offices

In addition to our production sites, we have sales offices in Germany, Austria and Benelux. From here, we serve customers and sales partners throughout Europe.

About us 

Production locations

Where we produce for you

Our headquarters are in Switzerland. We have also been producing here for almost 150 years. Our versatility and innovative spirit is lived by our employees at all six locations in Europe and Asia – with a focus on stainless steel, the targeted application of electronics and high-quality designs. As a globally active company, we spread our expertise across two continents and all our production sites. Each of our locations has different well established strengths and know-how – this is the basis for the different areas of competence.

For example, pure, 100 per cent recyclable stainless steel is processed in Guangdong (China), in Naarajärvi (Finland) and in Paignton (UK) and made into high-quality fittings and sanitary accessories. Our specialists for electronics are located in Switzerland, Germany and England - this is where great innovations for new KWC products are created – from touch-free single solutions to networked faucet technology.

Our production facilities in Switzerland, Germany and England regularly, through innovations, provide the right answers to ecological questions regarding drinking-water-hygiene and water- and energy saving. This is where new technical developments come together, such as CoolFix, the automatic start-stop function, the first ceramic self-closing cartridge FRAMIC and a purposefully selected materiality.

Last but not least, there are the sophisticated water management systems and sanitary room fittings that make KWC a renowned system provider. They come primarily from the KWC factories in Germany and England. The KWC Medical site in Finland is highly specialised in the production of disinfection and cleaning equipment for the medical sector.

About us

The KWC brand

Four strong brands that become one: as KWC Group, we unite Franke Water Systems Commercial, DEKO and DVS under the KWC brand. Together we have been developing and improving our products and expertise for decades, in some cases more than a century. This is what makes us so successful internationally.

We are also continuing to develop as the new KWC Group. In order to combine our strengths and our competences, we are now moving forward together under the KWC brand as a premium manufacturer of fittings and system solutions for private households in the bathroom and kitchen and for public life.

We focus on quality, on products that convince and inspire. We are dedicated to one goal: to improve your quality of life – with innovative, durable and high-quality designed solutions for water and air: for all users. In any place, every day, at any time. KWC products inspire with safety, sustainability & hygiene.

These values shape our daily work at all locations and give us orientation for future developments.

We design aesthetic, distinctive products from high-quality materials, such as 100% recyclable stainless steel or proven mineral granite (MIRANIT). Our electronic components and touch-free fittings ensure safety, hygienic use and energy efficiency.

As a system provider for sanitary room equipment, fittings and water management systems as well as cleaning and disinfection systems, we fulfil customer wishes from a single source – whether in your home or (semi-)public institutions such as office buildings, airports, shopping centres, schools, sports and leisure facilities, hotels as well as in the healthcare sector in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes.

We are always one step ahead with innovation and forward thinking, also for the global market, as a system provider with a comprehensive range and a clear focus on design, safety, hygiene and sustainability of our products.

Our headquarters in Unterkulm, Switzerland, represents almost 150 years of company history. Only a few metres away from the Old Foundry, the place where KWC was founded, stands the new main building and headquarters of today's KWC Group AG. This combination of past and present reminds us of our origins and the tradition that distinguishes our brand.

Worldwide, with over 1000 employees, we are a large global team. We keep our pioneering spirit alive – for further innovations, for even more hygiene, safety, sustainability and enthusiasm among everyone who uses our products.

About us Our history

Everything flows.

Looking to the future, we became the KWC Group AG in 2022. But our origins are diverse, going back more than 150 years in some cases.


Countless stories lie behind the four companies we bring together:  highs and lows, trials and breakthroughs, inventions and patents. And lots of success.


Curiosity has always been a part of this over the decades – searching and finding, researching and developing. The enthusiasm for what we do and what we are.  


Below, we have put together some milestones for you. Thank you for your interest.

About us

Our divisions

Reliable, innovative products and system solutions, all under one roof

kwc Home

High-quality bathroom, shower and kitchen fittings featuring ergonomics and style: comfort and safety for your own private oasis of well-being.

kwc Professional

System solutions for public and commercial sanitary rooms: modular, water efficient – for maximum safety and hygiene.

kwc Medical

Where hygiene and disinfection are the determining factors, KWC DEKO disinfection units are the solution: premium products for the healthcare sector.

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