There is no future without a past

The value of a brand is shaped by four main factors: uniqueness, recognition, appreciation. And it also is essential that the quality proves to be absolutely top-class and reliable over a long period of time. The history and longevity of a brand, especially in these days of increasingly short half lives, is becoming increasingly important. So, the history and tradition of KWC is a big asset.

Since 1874, the company, as a premium manufacturer of private kitchen and bathroom fittings, has stood for inventiveness, an affinity for design, and supreme Swiss craftsmanship. Already in 1911, K+W, as it was then called, supplied the taps for the legendary Negresco luxury hotel in Nice. The Grand Hotel Ritz in Paris soon followed.

From the very beginning, the company's products were the epitome of top-class quality and maximum functionality. And then there were also the new, revolutionary designs, characterised by fascinating beauty. Even the claim of innovating with unique technical solutions, is a significant part of the KWC company philosophy. Examples of this include the first single hole kitchen tap with pull-out spray (1957) to the Neoperl aerator (1959) and on to the award-winning taps with innovative electronic control (2013/2021) – the successful journey of KWC to become the market-leading tap manufacturer in Switzerland.

Bundling competencies

Today's KWC Group combines the former KWC, Franke Water Systems, Dart Valley Systems and DEKO under the familiar and traditional name of KWC.

As a Group, KWC not only covers the private and professional sectors, but also the medical sector. Experience and expertise in professional system solutions for use in (semi)-public and commercial sanitary facilities expand its competence in taps for bathrooms, kitchens and the food service industry.

The aim of reorganising the successful individual companies and market leaders in their home countries is to bring together all their competencies to form one strong, global brand. This new strategic orientation enables the optimal utilisation of synergies and potentials and means we can offer premium solutions that are unique on the market. Despite its expansive and international orientation, KWC highly values its nearly 150 years of tradition and never wants to lose its historical roots and the spirit of the integrated companies. Outwardly, the KWC Group is a global company, but inwardly it is still a start-up: dynamic, flexible, young and full of inventiveness.

Orientation and foundation of our attitude and our actions

Hygiene, safety, sustainability and enthusiasm. These are not just random values, but our attitude, which is based on nearly 150 years of tradition. We pass these values on from one generation to the next, never forgetting our history, our expertise and our competence. All this is an investment in our concept and our requirements of ourselves, our work and our products: We want to improve people's quality of life. We want to make life simpler, safer and healthier. We want to equip our environment with innovative and beautiful products. Our materials are sustainable and safety is more than just a word. We stand for an attitude to life that impresses.


As a manufacturer with the highest quality requirements, we always want to provide people with innovative hygiene standards. Throughout our long company history, the health of our customers has always been a priority, and they can therefore be confident that KWC products and services will always provide them with clean drinking water. That's because we have maximum competence and experience in this important area, as demonstrated by the example of the automatic tap with contactless infrared control, which we were the first manufacturer to
launch on the market in 1997.

Protecting health is a high standard we set for ourselves and for thedevelopment of our products. That's what we focus on in our daily work. A big part of this involves using premium quality metals and plastics that are approved for and ideally suited to contact with water. Neither the taste nor the odour of the water is affected, and sterile and virus-free chrome-nickel steel and gelcoat surfaces also ensure optimal water

We make a significant contribution towards hygiene in many places: In private homes, in public areas like football stadiums or apartment blocks, and even in the medical sector. Hospitals and health centres with the highest demands have been placing their trust us for decades, because we have at our disposal a wealth of expertise and recognised competence.


Reliability, responsibility and care are the standards that we want to – and can – meet as an international
premium manufacturer. The absolute operating safety of our products is deeply embedded in our company's DNA. We have decades of experience in this – you can rely on that.

KWC's portfolio of products is very large: Not only do we supply private households, but also many branches of the public sector, including hospitals, social establishments like nursery schools and retirement homes. But nursing homes, sanitary areas of fitness studios and even big concert arenas in many countries also trust in our reliability.

That's because special safety requirements are an obvious standard for us here: Ease of use, durability, protection against injury, including for children and people with limitations in their living situation. Already at the first consideration we take the need for safety into account: Even for the simple matter of touching a tap. Touch protection, which is especially valued by parents of young children, is a basic component: An insulated hot water supply in a clamshell design means the tap and pull-out spray get warm, but never hot. Just one example of our intelligent functions that contribute directly towards product safety. We think for people. And we think ahead.


KWC takes responsibility even when dealing with the essential element of water. We don't just meet all requirements of economical handling of this elixir of lift. Rather, our solutions go far beyond this. KWC wants to make a contribution towards protecting our planet, and water is an essential element that must be conserved.

So, KWC has been dealing with the issue of sustainability for decades already, and we have experience in this: For example with our highly intelligent and sophisticated water management system. The range of water-saving products extends from self-closing and electronic taps to models with a central water control system. With EcoProtect, we ensure economical water consumption and therefore careful handling of resources. This means: Efficiency with every drop. Nothing is wasted.

The responsible handling of resources also includes the fact that the stainless steel we use is extremely durable and up to 100 percent recyclable. For us, even when taking into account all ecological aspects and the associated requirements, it is an absolute given to stay one step ahead. We don't just pay lip service.


We want to pass on the passion and creativity that our employees develop every day during their work to our customers. We want to spark enthusiasm for KWC products in others. Our aim is for the use of our products to enrich the lives of our customers day after day. With simple, haptic operation that brings joy. Easy to use, and safe as a matter of course. And a design that is both classical and innovative and that lights up the individual living space. So, we impress with customer-oriented solutions that have become design icons. And with our reliability in terms of the quality of materials and the high functionality, for example. All this has enabled us to become successful and increasingly competent. An example from our early days? The pull-out spray was an invention by KWC developers from the year 1957, which is seamlessly integrated and countersunk. Developed simply to be good. The ultimate choice.